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There’s little doubt that successfully running and maintaining any business office is hard. Whatever your situation, whether you’ve just started out or have been trading for many a year, there’s one factor you still need to be aware of, overspending. The saying 'take care of the pennies and the pounds will take care of themselves', comes to mind here, the main principle being that if you don’t squander money then you’ll reap the benefits. No more so than in business, where controlling the budget in every area is vital for success. One area where it’s very easy to overspend is in the office. The vital equipment needed to keep offices running smoothly such as photocopiers and printers don’t come cheap and need to be reliable, so you’ll need to shop around to see what’s out there to avoid costly mistakes. 

This guide offers tips and suggestions before buying/renting your new photocopier, plus a few pointers as to which manufacturers you should look at in order for you to make an informed decision about which machine is right for you.

  1. Buy Smart

    There are numerous photocopier manufacturers to choose from, dealing in a plethora of different models.  Currently the way forward in the photocopying and printing world appears to be all things Japanese.  In particular, Canon and Konica-Minolta products offer you quality photocopiers and printers with a high level of support and after sales service making them undisputable leaders of the pack.  Both brands are highly trusted in the printer and photocopying world – offering some of the most reliable, technologically advanced machines available in today’s market.  There are copiers and printers which cater specifically for both larger conglomerates and smaller establishments alike, where space and budget restrictions need to be closely considered.  You can buy/lease other copier brands, available with fewer frills, and while you’ll probably pay a less you’ll certainly get an inferior product which could cost you more in the long run.  So ‘shop smart’ from the outset and buy or rent only the best!

    Two of the best Canon photocopier leasing models to consider include;

    • The fabulous Canon imagerunner ADVANCE C5535i is a high quality multifunctional printer, designed with the needs of your business as a priority.  The quality and reliability of the C5500 series of MFDs is a result of Canon’s painstaking research and development over many years.  Replacing the earlier C5200 series and powered by Canon's 'Gen 3' controllers this advanced MFD features a maximum paper capacity 6,350 sheets, an impressive colour output, print, copy, scan and fax options along with scan to email and full network printing to name but a few!  For more detailed specs please refer to our homepage for a brochure.  Available for monthly photocopier rental/lease, the Canon imagerunner ADVANCE C5535i offers a comprehensive user experience to support a busy office allowing you the flexibility of an ultra -modern, efficient machine.
    • A more compact alternative is the low volume Canon iR-ADV C3525i Canon colour photocopier. Ideal for the smaller office environment this model forms part of Canon's new C3500 range of multifunction machines. This important new range has upgraded technology in Canon's latest 'Gen 3' engine and interface.  A few features of this model include an ultra-low 1.5W energy consumption, 1200 dpi print resolution, a Cloud connect printing option along with print, copy, scan and fax capabilities. For detailed specs please refer to our homepage for a brochure. Available either to buy, rent or lease, the Canon iR-ADV C3525i Canon colour photocopier is an extremely efficient MFD with the smaller office in mind, packing quite a punch, despite its diminutive size!

    Two of the best Konica-Minolta leasing models to consider include;

    • The Konica Minolta bizhub C250i – with its 10.1 inch control panel boasts exceptional security features like embedded Bitdefender, anti-virus scanning engine & remote services. With a multi-touch panel the screen offers vibration feedback and a 90° tilt angle.  Other features allow users to scroll and enlarge (as with current smartphones) and the integrated technology for low power consumption will help to save money.   A variety of finishing options like stapling, punching and letter folding promote improved efficiency and professional looking documents. For more detailed specs please refer to our homepage for a brochure.
    • Konica Minolta bizhub C300i - With all the excellent features of the above model, but with an increased page per minute specification of 30ppm as opposed to 25 ppm and a higher copy/print monthly volume of 25,000 - 150,000 pages as opposed to 16,000 -130,000 pages on the C250i, the Konica Minolta bizhub C300i is an equally capable copier with a little more scope, although very few other features to warrant the extra price tag.  Again this photocopier model is available for either printer lease or rental, should you decide to do this rather than buy your appliance outright. 

London Printer Rentals Comment
Over the years we’ve seen many so called ‘top branded’ photocopy machines come and go.  However, Canon and Konica-Minolta have stood the test of time and have produced some of the best on the market.  Their reliability and state of the art technology is unsurpassed, making them world leaders in the production of world class MFDs, printers and photocopiers at competitive prices.  By placing your faith in either Canon or Konica-Minolta products, not only will your photocopy machine be the best of the best, but so too will the after sales service you receive, allowing you to rest easy in the knowledge that you’ve made the right selection.

  1. What to Look for in an office photocopier / printer

    So what should you look for in an office photocopier or printer? Many considerations should be taken into account, including budget, durability and reliability, and whether the intended machine meets your requirements.  Important things relating to this last point could be the difference between obtaining a ‘gem’ or a ‘dud’ when you’re selecting a photocopy machine for your business. So do your homework as it could be costly!

    • Ease of operation – Simple to operate machines will ensure the photocopier that you rent/buy will be accessible to all, regardless of how ‘computer savvy’ they are.  So only go for features that will be used – there’s little point in spending out for accessories that you won’t be able to use or don’t need. Canon and Konica- Minolta photocopiers and printers are well renowned for their ease of use and simplistic features, making them ideal for the layman to understand.
    • Price – Think carefully about how you’ll fund your photocopier.  What budget restrictions do you have?  Smaller businesses often have tighter budgets than larger ones, but try to buy or rent photocopiers with a good reputation for reliability and performance.  Canon and Konica- Minolta have ranges to suit all budgets, from those less expensive ones that handle fewer copies for smaller concerns, to larger industrial-sized machines, designed to handle much bigger demands. Also consider cartridge costs which can add to running costs.  If you discover the machine you need is too expensive to purchase outright, look into whether the manufacturer offers purchase options.  Most good companies will offer photocopier rental/leasing and printer leasing/rental, so check this out as it’s a way of avoiding huge initial outlays.
    • Printing speed – Find out how many pages it can copy, and the speed. If you need to copy high volumes then the machine you buy /rent needs to deliver.  The range of photocopiers and printers offered by Canon and Konica –Minolta provide fast, efficient copying.  They have a wealth of expertise in the photocopying field, giving you the best performance from all their machines.
    • Networking ability – Check you can connect your new photocopier to your existing network and the facilities it offers once that’s done.  Once networked you should be able to use your photocopier for both scanning and to archive documents electronically, along with many other things too.   If you do intend networking, this is vital or you’ll be wasting your cash on a copier that won’t work with the rest of your office appliances.  With Canon and Konica-Minolta photocopiers you should be able to connect all devices to your existing network easily.  Your provider should be able to overcome any obstacles, so ask before making your selection.  Better safe than sorry!

London Printer Rentals Comment
So there you have it!  Consider the above points before embarking on a new photocopier/printer and you won’t go far wrong.  Yes there are many manufacturers that can offer photocopiers/printers at what they call rock bottom prices, but are they as reliable in the long run?  Our answer would be ‘no’.  They may tide you over for a while, but ultimately won’t stand up to the rigours of the office environment.  Far better to opt for tried and tested manufacturers like Canon and Konica Minolta to provide you with up to the minute technology at the touch of a button.  Stylish, modern appliances which although may be slightly more expensive at the outset, will prove their worth for years to come.  And should the worst happen and anything go wrong with your appliance, you can rest assured that our excellent after sales service and guarantees are second to none. So don’t delay, lease your Canon and Konica-Minolta photocopier from us now! You won’t regret it! Contact us today for a no obligation quote.

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