We all know that the paperless society isn’t going to happen any time soon! However good we are at reducing our usage, through digitalising our documents, minimising the use of paper copies etc, we still use a vast amount of paper which is putting pressure on our fragile planet. It therefore makes sense for a company to manage its printing output whenever it can.

Business documents, whether paper or digital, are a vital part of a company's systems. They help to serve customers and drive a business forward.  Yet most companies don't realise just how much money and time they spend on document processes and printing devices. By gaining control of your documents you can save as much as 30% off your total outlay.

In today's ultra competitive business climate, reducing and controlling your costs is more important than ever. When companies are preparing strategies to increase their revenue or improve processes, they often don't take into account their document management costs, which are often quite a significant chunk out of their expenditure!  By adopting a 'Managed Print Services' approach and introducing an output management strategy, companies can outsource print management and therefore significantly reduce their costs.  

Managed Print Services will…

  • Decrease document-related expenses and control your expenditure
  • Increase employee productivity and reduce waste
  • Improve your 'green footprint'

So what are Managed Print Services?

The phrase seems pretty complicated, and its definition is rather broad, but simply put, it is basically gaining sight and controlling your printing and photocopying costs, which ultimately saves you money and will help to boost your productivity. Managed Print Services can also help you to improve your document security, along with addressing important environmental issues. It can encourage you to streamline your processes, reducing costs and increasing efficiencies in the working environment.

The term "printing" means the total cost of optimising and managing your printers, which encompasses their total output, along with the processes and people that support these devices.

This includes:

  • Any pages which office and mobile workers produce, and production print operations
  • Multifunction printers, office desktop printers, high-volume printers copiers, scanners and fax machines
  • Materials sent out for quick printing, mailing, distribution and offset printing
  • Ink, toner, paper and other consumables and supplies
  • IT help-desk support, technical service and maintenance

When you tot up the costs of this "printing" you will see that it is responsible for a huge chunk, (as much as 15%), of a business's annual spending.

If you outsource your print management through Managed Print Services, you should cut your costs by almost a third!  So what are you waiting for?

So how do I find a reputable company that offers Managed Print Services?

The best companies offering this service do more than just oversee your printers and photocopiers.

They should also:

  • Carry out a thorough, initial assessment to assess what you currently do.
  • Provide a comprehensive plan to enable you to streamline your supplies and the number of printing devices you have, whilst still meeting the needs of your company
  • Identify and solve printing problems
  • Reduce your 'green footprint' by helping you to use less paper and energy, which lessens the amount of greenhouse gases and waste.
  • Monitor the printing environment and modify and improve processes to save time and money.
  • Manage and optimise your total print output.
  • Give network management and IT solutions, such as cloud-based solutions.
  • Provide staff training so they are more productive and less wasteful.
  • Have a good track record in providing Managed Print Services, using highly skilled technicians.
  • Transform slow, paper-based processes into more efficient, automated, digital ones.

When looking for a reputable company it is important to bear these factors in mind.  If they don't offer these things,then try elsewhere!

  • London Printer Rentals Comment - Why Choose Us?

Our 'managed print services' will enable you to outsource print management and significantly cut your costs.  Our 'Managed Print Services' can help companies of all sizes by;

  • Cutting capital expenditure
  • Increasing productivity of IT resources and print use
  • Reducing printing costs - by as much as 30%

We can reduce the total cost of office printing and enhance employee productivity by managing all aspects of your office printing and copying. This includes such areas as:

  • service desks
  • break-fix (see our repair page)
  • supplies
  • procurement of new equipment etc

We offer a consultative approach to Managed Print Services that is tailored to the unique needs of your company.  We diagnose and assess, manage and help you to change practice where necessary, using our vast expertise, whilst bearing in mind your specific requirements.

We regard ourselves as one the best managed print services companies around.  We will do more than just oversee your printers.  With our expert technicians, who have the right 'know-how' behind them, companies can use our tried and tested methods to:

  • Manage print devices - regardless of manufacturer
  • Assess printing needs and put into place the best mix of devices for your business
  • Help you to introduce automated, digital processes, leaving behind the slow, paper-based methods behind you.

We recognise that a good Managed Print Services provider is someone who seamlessly manages your print infrastructure, enabling you to focus on your real business.  Here at London Printer Rentals we can do just that!  We offer a wide spectrum of Managed Print Services for everyone, from small enterprises, to larger corporations, as we know that everyone can benefit from reducing and taking control of their printing costs.  So why not let us optimise your printing, simplify your management systems, increase your security and automate and digitalise your business?  We can work in the in the background to keep your printer fleet operating efficiently, all at unbeatable prices.  What's more, you'll not only have improved efficiency in your workplace, but won't be paying an absolute fortune for the privilege! 

So why not give us a call or e- mail us, so that you can begin your business transformation now.

To find out more about our managed print services please contact us or find out more about our Managed Print Services here.

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