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It can sometimes be surprising the amount it costs to meet an entire offices printer and photocopier requirements. It is in both the interest of business and the environment to reduce the cost of your office printing & photocopying.

Cutting down on waste, saving energy or simply replacing old, outdated equipment with more efficient technology could help to save huge amounts, if you go about it the right way.

  1. Cut Down on Waste : By reducing the amount that you actually print out, you'll not only cut down on the amount of paper and ink you consume, but also on your time, waiting for the printer to churn out copies! Here are a few tips to help you to do this.
    1. Decrease Number of Pages in a Publication
      • Abridge/shorten content and steer readers to web based information.
      • Reduce size of the margins/use smaller fonts
      • Make spaces between the lines of type smaller
      • Decrease number/size of photos and other graphics.
    2. Reduce Amount of Colour Prints
      • Large coloured reports/plus coloured front covers are expensive to copy. (Save over 90% by printing in black with only the front cover in colour).
    3. Try Duplex Printing
      • If possible, print double sided, or print to PDF.
    4. Print on Demand
      • Avoid printing unnecessarily by using a "print on demand" service, so copies are only ordered as needed.
    5. Consider Paper Costs
      • Where possible, select paper with economy in mind/use environmentally-friendly paper
    6. Print One, Then Copy
      • Making a print of your document first, works out less than photocopying the same document. But instead of printing multiple copies, print only one document, then photocopy the additional ones you need. With networked copiers, send the files there to print instead.
    7. Transfer Publications to a Web Format
      • Review all you currently photocopy and convert to a web format. Transfer documents like course-packs and materials onto a CD or on the internet. This will simplify and improve the process, reducing overall costs.
    8. Edit Work Online
      • To avoid printing out, with Adobe Acrobat you can make notations for edits - The best tool for this is the sticky note tool, which enables others to add/share comments and amend on PDF documents, without obscuring the content. In this way you can avoid sending out multiple review copies, thus saving you money.
    9. Proofread on the Screen
      • Try proof reading documents on the screen, rather than printing them out.
    10. Reduce Administrative Photocopying
      • Try to convert things like administrative forms to electronic formats
    11. Conduct Paperless Meetings
      • Try e-mailing agendas etc, rather than printing them out.
  2. Saving Energy to Save Money :
    1. Switch off appliances!
      • Turning your photocopier/printer from standby to off overnight can save enough energy to power both your LCD TV and your fridge at once!
      • Leaving your photocopier on standby overnight wastes enough energy to make 30 cups of tea or produce over 1500 copies!
      • If your photocopier is only used for 20% of the time but is left on throughout the day, you'll pay about £350 more for your energy each year.
  3. Replacing Old, Outdated Equipment : If you want to make real savings, not only to your finances, but also to your carbon footprint, then try  disposing of outdated and 'energy gobbling' equipment.  The new generation range of printers/photocopiers now available will save you energy in three main ways:
    • They have a lower energy rating than older printers and copiers.
    • They are multi-function, and more efficient, enabling you to reduce the number of devices, such as scanners, by more than 30%.
    • They reduce printing by around 10%, by requiring staff to swipe their pass before they can print, ensuring that documents aren't printed, and then left uncollected.

    Although replacing equipment with faster, more powerful and more energy efficient devices may sound  expensive at the outset, case studies of larger companies who have done this have revealed that they have reduced their emissions by around 15 tonnes a year,  their toner and paper costs by 10% and paper consumption by around 4.5 tonnes. This is certainly a significant way of saving money in the long run.

    Not only are the new generation of laser printers/photocopiers more environmentally friendly, with extensive features such as power management features to reduce energy use, duplex printing and faster print speeds, but they can help to streamline your business by making it more efficient and less wasteful, thus saving  businesses a significant amount of time, energy and money!

London Printer Rentals: Comment

Of course it makes perfect sense for companies to reduce their spending whenever and wherever possible.  By following the above advice you'll certainly make a difference to your overheads.  Making key savings, such as reducing energy consumption to cut electricity bills, along with cutting down on paper and printing costs, can be the difference between having a healthy business balance or a critical one!

Further savings can also be made when updating your old office equipment to a new multifunctional photocopier or printer.  There is little need these days to opt for outright purchase, which can be a hefty outlay, placing a huge burden on company finances and tying up your capital unnecessarily.  A far better option is to choose photocopier leasing as an option.  By taking this route you could save significant amounts every year.  Photocopier leasing is a perfect economic strategy for any size of business, as you can make small fixed manageable payments, making it an affordable way of still having the most up to date equipment without the expense.  In simple terms it equates to pay as you use.  Many businesses earn revenue gradually over time, so why not also pay your bills gradually too.

Leasing a photocopier also reduces your overall tax bill, as costs are deductible as a business expense, reducing the total cost of leasing.  This factor can amount to significant savings and may help you to determine whether to rent or lease, rather than buying a new photocopier.  Additionally, payments made throughout a lease arrangement are unaffected by changes in interest rates.  So why not make the switch to leasing a modern photocopier or printer that combines an all-in-one service?  It will certainly revolutionise how your business operates and can preserve valuable capital for other business opportunities like expansion or essential business purchases.

So why wait? Contact London Printer Rentals today to find out more about our excellent Photocopier Leasing services.

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