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We also offer long term cost effective flexible photocopier & printer leasing nationwide, helping UK businesses save money.

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If you are looking to lease a photocopier or lease a printer then London Printer Rentals can help you find the most suitable agreement for you. We offer our customers lots of options when it comes to photocopier leasing and printer leasing.

Our photocopier leasing packages allow you to pay a fixed monthly fee over a period of several years, allowing you to spread the cost of purchasing a new machine with the added benefit of service & support included.

As with photocopier & printer rental, photocopier leasing offers huge tax benefits over buying.  If the appliance doesn’t actually belong to your company, then your lease instalments are tax deductible, sometimes even for the full amount.  This is much more beneficial to a company than the huge outlay involved in buying a new photocopier outright, which wouldn’t be tax deductible.

Photocopier leasing agreements can be easily set up with London Printer Rentals and are either paid monthly as a fixed amount, based on the number of copies you make per month or dependent upon an allowed number of copies.

On expiry of the lease you’ll probably be able to buy the existing machine or given the opportunity to update. However, if you’re still happy with it, then you can simply sign up to renew the lease on the same photocopier.  

Additionally, if during the lease period, your circumstances change, (eg. You expand your company and require a larger copier), then this too is possible, just contact us

The minimum period you can lease is one year and the maximum is five years. If you don’t want to be tied in to a long-term photocopier lease, then we also offer our customers the option of renting a photocopier or printer on a short-term rental.

Please see short term photocopier rentals.

There are many advantages to leasing a photocopier rather than purchasing one, but I believe the main factor of having the ability to upgrade your equipment if your requirements change is the most crucial. Business’ can grow quickly and print volumes can increase quite dramatically during the process, so having the option of updating equipment as your requirements change is a real benefit.

Please see below some additional benefits to leasing a photocopier or printer:

  • Ability to upgrade the machine during the lease if your requirements change
  • Tax efficiency
  • Fixed monthly or quarterly payments
  • Brand New Equipment
  • Comprehensive service and maintenance

Some of the best photocopier / printers for lease

Class Manufacturer Model Illustration Features Include
A3 Mid Volume Photocopiers Canon iR-ADV C3725i Canon iR-ADV C3725i Mid Volume Colour Photocopier
  • 25 colour pages per minute in excellent 1200 x 1200 dpi print resolution
  • SRA3 maximum print size
  • State of the art scanning facilities
  • Simplify print management
  • Workflow automation
  • Enhanced security management
  • Low energy consumption, quiet operation and reduced emissions
  • Uniflow online express as standard
  • Print, copy, scan and fax capabilities
  • Scan to email, scan to box, scan to advanced space, scan to mobile and more.
  • Postscript printing
  • Airprint function as standard
  • Searchable Scan- OCR
  • Secure Hard Disc Erase
Konica Minolta C300i Konica Minolta bizhub C308 Mid Volume Colour Photocopier
  • Universal Printer Driver
    One driver to install, manage and maintain
  • MyTab
    Print driver customisation
  • Direct print
    Driverless printing of PDF, XPS, DOCX, XLSX, PPTX, JPEG, TIFF, PS and PCL
  • Smart job queue
    Unprintable jobs e.g. because of unavailable paper size (copy, print and fax) are bypassed by consecutive jobs
  • Mobile Printing
    Possibility to directly print documents from a mobile device
  • New User Interface
    Light, simple and modern UI is easy to use
  • Quick access to settings
    With most used settings visible at first sight, select them with one click, drop down or pop up menu
  • Blank page removal
    Automatic deletion of blank pages e.g. when copying mixed simplex and duplex documents
  • Scan-to-Me/Home
    Direct scan to own email address (Me) or SMB folder (Home) based on Active Directory information
  • Scan preview
    Provides a real-time preview of scanned originals for checking before sending
  • Scan annotation
    Stamping of e.g. date/time, filing number or custom text on scans for archiving purposes
  • Scan programs
    Pre-setting of original, scan file and destination for regular scan jobs
  • Scan to url
    Reduce the load on the company network by sending a simple url to the recipient instead of a big file
  • Blank page removal
    Automatic deletion of blank pages e.g. when scanning mixed simplex and duplex documents
  • IP-Fax
    Sending of fax messages via network between Konica Minolta MFPs; supports colour as well as black & white
  • PC-Fax
    Direct fax transmission from the PC
  • Fax forwarding
    Forwarding of incoming fax documents by email or to SMB folder instead of printing
  • Shared address book
    The MFP-internal address book can be shared with the PC fax client
  • Tray selection
    Choice of input tray / print media and output tray for easy visibility of incoming faxes
A3 High Volume Photocopiers Canon iR-ADV DX C5840i Canon iR-ADV C5840i High Volume Colour Photocopier
  • Canon DX C5840i
  • Single Pass Duplex Document Feeder
  • Two x 550 sheet paper cassettes
  • Full network printing
  • Cabinet
  • 2 hour response time full managed service agreement
  • 40 pages per minute at 1200 x 1200 dpi
  • Uniflow online express as standard
  • Impressive colour output
  • Print, copy, scan and fax options
  • Scan to email
  • Searchable Scan to file
  • 2 GB Ram
  • 256 GB HDD
  • SR-A3 maximum size
  • Maximum paper capacity 6,3000 sheets
  • Secure Hard Disc Erase
  • Full remote diagnostics
  • Air print – Scan to searchable PDF and Word
  • Integral wifi - dual network integration

Photocopier leasing and photocopier rental, London: London Printer Rentals are the photocopier leasing company you can rely on. We offer a premier, flexible photocopier leasing service which allows you to take advantage of all the benefits photocopier leasing can provide.

We have 50 years of collective industry experience which is why we know exactly what it takes to offer our customers the best customer service possible. We are a market leader in photocopier leasing and offer great deals, not just on photocopier leasing, but also on photocopier hire, repair, rental and sales; we also offer a printer leasing service.

Since beginning trading, we have enjoyed a 95% customer retention rate, which speaks volumes about the high standard of customer service all our customers receive on a daily basis.

All of our customers get one dedicated and experienced consultant as their primary point of contact for any queries they may have and we are proud to only supply our customers with the most efficient innovation on the market at the time their photocopier leasing agreement begins.

Photocopier leasing London

Premier Photocopier Leasing from London Printer Rentals

We have a wide range of photocopier machines available under our photocopier leasing service from leading brands such as, Canon and Konica Minolta.

Our photocopier leasing agreements offer you 1 to 5 year lease periods, deferred payments of 6 months and the option of ownership at the end of the lease agreement.

Photocopier leasing can be a cost effective alternative to buying a photocopier out right, as there are tax allowances for photocopier leasing that aren't available on outright purchases.

Our flexible photocopier leasing service also allows you the option of upgrading your lease should your circumstances change at any point during the leasing period.

What are the benefits of Leasing vs Buying a photocopier?

  1. Photocopier Leasing:

    Photocopier leasing involves entering into a hire agreement that allows you to hire the machine for set period of time. After the lease agreement expires the equipment is retained by the leasing company. You can upgrade before the agreement expires or after to ensure that your equipment is still suitable for your current requirements. This is the most popular way of getting a high value photocopier or printer as it allows you to spread the cost over a period of time, normally 3 or 5 years. You can also take advantage of tax benefits for leasing the photocopier over a 3 year term.

  2. Outright Purchase:

    Outright purchase requires a large initial outlay in the beginning but can sometimes work out the better option in the long run if you are confident that your requirements will not change considerably over the next 3-5 years. If you intend to keep your equipment for a long time and the equipment is available for less than £1000 then buying the machine outright maybe the best solution for you.

  3. Financial Summary:

    The financial difference between the two options is relatively little based on a 5 year period, but leasing over a 3 year term is more beneficial due to greater tax benefits.

  4. The Conclusion:

    The Conclusion is that both options have their benefits but if you want the flexibility to change the equipment as of when your requirements change then we believe that leasing the photocopier equipment is the best option for the majority of businesses.

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