Photocopier leasing versus rental

There is undoubtedly a clear distinction between photocopier leasing & printer rental, the article below gives some information on the benefits of both options.

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  • Printer rental: Renting a printer is essentially hiring it. Businesses won’t be making payments towards the ultimate purchase of their appliance and will never own the device. For firms whose intention is to use a photocopier quite rarely, the rental option could be the most beneficial option. Overall if you want to ultimately own the photocopier, then leasing is the way forward. If you don’t require a long term copying solution, then renting is the better alternative.
  • Photocopier leasing: Generally, photocopier leasing is a method of spreading out the overall cost of buying appliances using instalments. It gives those businesses, unable to afford an outright purchase due to limited spare capital, the facility to buy the product over several months or years.

Benefits of photocopier leasing or printer rental over outright purchase

  1. Frees up your capital: Buying a photocopier outright is a large investment and requires a sizeable initial outlay of cash. This can be avoided if you lease or rent, leaving your capital free to invest in other areas of your business.
  2. Flexibility: When you purchase you won’t get as much flexibility as you would from leasing or renting a copier. Rental agreements generally don’t have a ‘fixed end’ date, meaning you aren’t restricted in any way. You can therefore rent the photocopier indefinitely to suit your needs. Leases are usually arranged on a longer term basis so the agreement you undertake will be for a longer period.
  3. Freedom to upgrade: Although outright purchase means the appliance is obviously yours, when it’s time to upgrade you’ll not only have the enormous expense of buying an updated model, but will also need to dispose of/sell the old one. Leasing/renting negates the need to do this and ensures you’ll always have the finest, most up to date equipment available at your disposal without needing to sell and rebuy repeatedly. When your leasing contract expires you’ll get the opportunity to take out a new lease or upgrade the model you have to a more modern alternative.

Reduces the Hassle: When leasing or renting, your supplier will install your copier quickly and efficiently with the minimum of hassle, often without charge. Leasing contracts will often include the maintenance and regular servicing of your photocopier too, saving you significant amounts of money. Some may provide toners and cartridge refills within the terms. Yet when buying your copier, although you’ll get a year’s warranty, the cost of maintaining and servicing will ultimately fall to you. The benefits of both regular servicing and maintenance are obvious and can’t be underestimated, especially if you want to ensure that your machine works as effectively as possible. However they are expensive for those buying their equipment. To avoid these costs it makes sense to rent or lease, as they are covered in your payments. Should there be a fault with the appliance, it will be speedily repaired or replaced.

It’s obvious that photocopiers are a prerequisite for the smooth operation of many businesses, some of whom may find difficulty in doing their job without one. This page should provide the information you need to enable you to decide whether to buy outright, rent or lease your photocopier. Once you’ve made this choice you should ensure you make contact with reputable suppliers in Britain. Here we can help you!

The benefits of printer rental or photocopier leasing are boundless. They’re certainly ideal for those who, for whatever reason, are unable to purchase a photocopier outright. Leasing or renting this modern and vital office tool could help to make your business more efficient and competitive. So it’s worth giving very serious consideration to these very sensible alternatives to buying. The above information should give you some knowledge to help you to decide which route to take so that you can make an informed decision about buying, renting or leasing a photocopier.

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