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Last month we looked at the advantages of short term photocopier rental for construction sites.  We learnt how renting a photocopier for the short term was far more beneficial due mainly to its flexibility and cost effectiveness.

Similarly, it makes perfect sense for events companies to take advantage of short term printer and photocopier rental.   Whatever special event you have in mind, from exhibitions and music festivals to conferences and trade shows, event organisers will certainly have their work cut out in the smooth organisation of such events, which can certainly be tricky to manage.  Great thought needs to go into such things as advertising, catering, exhibition stands and even floor plans, so to lessen the burden in any way possible is definitely the way forward.

For starters, the provider you use for all your office equipment including printers and photocopiers needs to be able to meet your individual business requirements by tailoring them specifically to you.  For example, do they offer delivery, setup, installation and networking all of the devices they hire to you?  Secondly, do they offer flexible rental arrangement to accommodate your short–term needs?  These factors are vitally important when you are frequently changing your event venue. 

Two events will rarely pan out the same, but to those organising them they are all equally important and often cause different headaches.  So to make your event a success, make sure you source the appliances you need from a provider with good experience in the rental industry, and particularly with events.  They should ensure the equipment is installed quickly and professionally and supported throughout the event.

Planning an event can be daunting and time consuming, so it’s critical you get yourself organised as, your reputation is often on the line here, and any mistakes could be costly.  So develop a strategy and stick to it!  Every event will undergo some glitches and sometimes you may have to resort to plan B, but don’t be put off.  By following the tips below you can make your event as near perfect as possible.

  1. Plan Essentials First
    Smaller tasks can come later. Ensure you have the appropriate location, date, catering and entertainment organised first.
  2. Make a Budget
    This is VERY important!  Divide spending into specific ‘pots’ to avoid overspending in one category and not enough in the other. Try to stay within your price range. You may need to look for a less expensive/smaller venue if it’s too pricey!  Alternatively try finding a sponsor to cover the costs.
  3. The Location
    Another important consideration.  Too remote and you’ll lose custom, so pick somewhere central and you may get additional business through passers-by.
  4. Type of Entertainment on Offer
    Try to find presenters to fit your event theme, or if you have the knowledge you can even do it yourself. Take into account the size and type of any equipment needed and also whether it works!
  5. Wi-Fi Accessibility
    Undoubtedly an essential tool with today’s lust for technology.  Ensure the location has Wi-Fi access to enable guests and presenters to utilise it efficiently.
  6. Coordinating Staff
    Ensure that staff are aware of their roles and are productive at all times.
  7. Publicity and Marketing of the Event
    For your event to be a success, attracting the right audience is vital.  For public events, posting them on social media is good practice, as well as mailing invitations and posting flyers. For private events personalised invites in the mail or on social media will make people feel more a part of a select group.
  8. Hospitality
    Remember to delegate tasks so you aren’t as burdened yourself.  Also try to ensure your staff are enthusiastic about the event, rather than grumpy.  This will give a good impression to your guests.
  9. Programme of Events
    Professional looking, presentable programmes of events will demonstrate the organisation, effort and attention to detail which goes into the event.  It allows guests to know how long each presentation is and which location they should head to next. A good floor plan also helps to helps the event to ‘flow’ more smoothly.
  10. Taking Your Time
    To avoid becoming stressed out, ensure you allow adequate time to your preparations, rather than waiting until the last minute to get everything done.  Through delegation and good time management, the event is more likely to be a success.

Bearing these points in mind will help to ensure the event will run more successfully with less stumbling blocks along the way.

Take Advantage of What’s Out There! 

The 10 points above are all well and good, although making them work to your advantage needs some time and thought in itself.

  1. Budgeting for example, can be headache, so use some canny thinking and rent or hire whatever equipment you need such as photocopiers and printers on a short term basis.  In this way you won’t have the large expense of buying which can be far more expensive overall.  It will also save you the problem of moving the equipment at the end of your event, as good providers should dismantle equipment as well as set it up.
  2. Then there’s the publicity and marketing aspect of the event.  For this it’s vital to have the facility to print brochures/leaflets, event tickets and even promotional photographs.  Today’s most modern ‘high-spec’ photocopiers and MFDs provide great versatility, offering high-res printing for a multitude of applications, including 3D.  For short term projects like running an event it’s more cost effective to rent or hire one of these machines and makes far more sense than buying outright.
  3. For the production of large numbers of brochures for the programme of events the best option is to rent/hire a laserjet printer.  However if you just intend to make limited print runs for either a floor plan or event tickets, for example, then you’ll probably only need an inkjet printer which is less expensive to hire and will be fine.  3D printers are also available to rent as are both single function and multifunction appliances.  Single function devices simply print onto paper and are therefore less expensive than the multifunction machines which have many additional features like scanners and a photocopier.

Several excellent examples of photocopiers and printers available for short term rental for events are below;

  • Canon iR-ADV C1335iF - Small Office Copier (Low Volume)
    Features - 35 ppm colour/black/Duplex doc feeder/Max paper size A4/100 sheet manual feed/Copy, print, fax and colour scanning/Scan to SMB / FTP / Email/Searchable PDF scanning / AirPrint enabled.
  • Konica Minolta – bizhub C458 - Medium office Copier (Mid Volume)
    Features- 55 ppm colour/B&W/150 sheet dual scan doc feeder/100 sheet man feed/Max paper wt 300gsm/Max paper size SRA3/Banner printing (1200x 297mm)/Copy, Print, and Scan/Scan to FTP / SMB / WebDAV / E-mail/PCL6 and PostScript 10.1" colour panel/DADF + reading sensor/Dual scanning to 240 opm/Standard web browser for easy connectivity/ i-Option capabilities/Downloadable apps to enhance functionality
  • Canon iR-ADV 7260i
    Features- 60 ppm colour/b&w/Single-pass document feeder/2x 1100 sheet A4 decks/ Max paper size SRA3 (320 x 450mm)/Max paper wt 300gsm/Adobe PostScript printing/Scan to SMB / FTP / Email/Searchable PDF/Secure hard disk erase

For any modern events business, tight deadlines and an ever increasing need for printing are the order of the day, especially if you want to succeed.  If the office equipment currently in use isn’t up to the mark and doesn’t cater for the high demands associated with event planning, then it’s certainly worth investigating the possibility of short-term printer or photocopier rental.   You’ll benefit from both the manageable costs of rental and also receive the comprehensive help that you’ll need in the setting up and maintenance of your appliance, leaving you to get on with successful execution of your event. 

Remember, your event needs to stand out from the crowd, so the more seamless and vibrant you can make it, the better.  Your first step is to make your exhibition/stand as attractive as possible and showcase your product. By grabbing a potential client’s attention and effectively engaging your audience, using beautifully crafted prints/posters that will impress, you’ll undoubtedly be half way there!

So why not try short-term printer or photocopier rental to cater for all your printing requirements?  Whether it’s a simple copier for the odd colour or black/white photocopy or a superior machine which effortlessly handles everything you could possibly wish for, there are a plethora of devices currently on the market. So remember to shop around before making your decision.

It certainly pays to shop around to ensure you get a first rate service along with the best price!  The benefits of short term photocopier/printer rental are many, especially if you use the services of London Printer Rentals which provide cost effective, short term printer rental and photocopier leasing services.

Benefits include;

  • Premium brand, used machines (under 18 months old and refurbished to a high standard) supplied directly to you
  • All the warranties and guarantees of a new machine.
  • No long-term commitment to be tied into
  • Flexible 3 month rolling contracts (Can cancel giving just 30 days’ notice)
  • One week to 12 months hire options
  • Full service contracts for all machines with all toners included
  • Quick delivery and installations by qualified engineers who can install and network your rental copier/printer quickly and efficiently, ensuring the device you choose is set up to your exact requirements
  • High level of Nation-wide service/support from our experts who are on standby 24/7 to provide support and deal with any technical difficulties. (2 hour response time to call outs)

For events companies these benefits are ideal as they provide a flexible alternative to buying or long term leasing.  Yet they still provide all the advantages of top class equipment, allowing you to produce vibrant event literature quickly and efficiently.

London Printer Rentals offer both short/long term hire for photocopier /printer rentals so, whatever your need, whether you’re organising a training day, award ceremony or larger event, looking to print your own marketing materials for your next exhibition or using a ‘Booklet Maker’ to collate your documents for a conference, speak to our expert team and let them find a solution tailored to all your requirements.  With our many years of experience in providing rental photocopiers for exhibitions and events, London Printer Rentals can guarantee to have the device which meets all your needs.   We supply models from leading manufacturers, like Canon and Konica Minolta.  All our devices are available for rental/lease throughout London and the UK.  We’ll provide top-of-the-range machines, deliver and configure it with a first class service, all at an unbeatable price, enabling you to set up and manage your event with the minimum of stress. 

To discover more about our flexible, short term photocopier rental packages, why not give us a call and our experienced staff will be happy to assist.   For more information contact London Printer Rentals today

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