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Construction and building companies often have the need for a printer or photocopier for onsite use. Short term printer rental is a great way for this kind of "mobile" company to get an up-to-date photocopier onsite without having to purchase it outright or having to enter into a long term lease agreement.  Short term printer rental gives construction companies the flexibility they need for their onsite document needs.

Short term photocopier rental can be a beneficial and cost effective way to get up to date office technology without having to buy the equipment outright.

This applies to many businesses, from small enterprises, who may have limited capital to invest on expensive appliances such as photocopiers, to larger conglomerates who often need the latest multi-functional devices with every feature imaginable, to keep abreast of competitors and make their business run smoothly and efficiently. It’s also apparent that short term MFD photocopier/printer rental is ideally suited to new companies who are unsure of their requirements and decide to rent a photocopier until they can assess their true printing trends and volumes.

But how can short term printer rental help 'Mobile' companies, like construction firms, for example? Such companies often move around frequently for short term contracts of maybe six months or less and therefore wouldn't benefit from a long term, photocopier lease or outright purchase. For starters, these firms usually set up temporary on-site offices which need to be flexible enough to dismantle on the completion of the contract, so it would be impractical to buy an expensive photocopier or other office appliance and then have to transport them to the next site. Therefore it’s far better to rent equipment like photocopiers for just the duration of the contract. It will not only save time, but also the expense of moving large equipment and most of all the hassle!

Companies that are constantly on the move can be difficult to manage and a great deal of thought needs to go into the organisation of such firms. For example, on site information is a key factor in the success of a construction company. From supervising employees to ensure schedules are being followed, maintaining health and safety standards, so crucial to construction sites, to supplying critical data to head office, allowing them to detect any problems and reach their corporate goals.

Even at the most simplistic level, construction companies still need the facility to be able to copy/fax and print from wherever they are working. Short term rental of a photocopier/printer is an ideal and flexible way to achieve this.

Taking this a step further, by automating business communications, building and construction companies can simplify the way they work to receive better quality data from the construction site. Moving documents to a Mobile Digital Platform will help construction supervisors and their mobile workforce to move away from time consuming paper form filling, where they need to be dropped off regularly at head office. Use of digital formats enables workers to utilise the mobile devices which they already have, linking these to the modern Multi- Functional Devices (MFDs), which are readily available on the market.

One such device is the Canon iR-ADV C7280i High Volume Colour Photocopier.

This device forms part of Canon's new image RUNNER ADVANCE C7200 series of colour digital photocopiers.

According to Canon; ‘Organisations incur significant costs related to everyday document handling, with inefficiencies in searching for and reusing information, potentially wasting both time and money. This machine helps reduce hidden costs with fully integrated end-to-end document workflows. Quick and effective capture, archiving and sharing of information helps to reduce a company’s reliance on paper-based manual processes, thus improving efficiency. It provides help for ‘mobile workforces’ like construction companies by providing support for flexible working practices, which help to increase efficiency by allowing workers to securely capture/print documents on the move and quickly link their mobile devices directly into business workflows.’

The image RUNNER ADVANCE copiers work with most smart devices and support many common applications like Google Print. They also connect directly to certain cloud based services.

So ‘going digital’ has never been easier, with the plethora of up to the minute devices out there. Not only will construction staff receive data/info faster and more efficiently using all the facilities provided by an MDF device than when using older methods, but many construction companies also enjoy the flexibility that digital technology provides when it comes to field reporting and going paperless. Producing daily job reports from the field and safety inspections are just two of the wide range of practical uses that modern MFD machines can help construction/building companies with.

Whether you want to fully embrace the digital revolution or just need a basic copier/printer to deal with very simple everyday requirements, short term rental will provide a very flexible and cost effective solution to your printing needs, so why not give it a go? It makes the ideal alternative if you don’t have the available capital to purchase the machine you need, can’t commit to a long term lease or if you are a construction company which is constantly on the move, through short term contracts and wouldn't benefit from a long term, photocopier lease.

If you do opt for short term rental/leasing of your photocopier, then taking some time to find a reputable renting/leasing company to help you with your printing and copying needs makes complete sense. Such companies should deliver, setup, install and network all of the machines they hire to you and can provide you with the device that best suits your needs. Whether it’s a simple copier for the odd colour or black/white photocopy or a superior machine to help you embrace all things digital, which effortlessly handles everything you could possibly wish for, a good supplier will have knowledge of all the best devices currently on the market.

The benefits of short-term photocopier/printer rental are many, especially if you use the services of London Printer Rentals which provide a cost effective, photocopier rental/leasing service.

Benefits include:

  • Premium brand, used machines (under 18 months old and refurbished to a high standard) supplied directly to you
  • All the warranties and guarantees of a new machine.
  • No long-term commitment to be tied into
  • Flexible 3 month rolling contracts (Can cancel giving just 30 days’ notice)
  • One week to 12 months hire options
  • Full service contracts for all machines with all toners included
  • Quick delivery and installations
  • High level of Nationwide service and support (2 hour response time to call outs)

For construction companies these benefits are ideal as they provide a flexible alternative to buying or long term leasing. Yet they still provide all the advantages of top class equipment, allowing you to communicate and share important information, like photographs, field data and progress with head office, quickly and efficiently.

London Printer Rentals offer both short-term and long-term hire for photocopier /printer rentals so, whatever your need, whether you are setting up a building and construction site, arranging a large event, or simply setting up a permanent office, you can place your trust in us.

Our fully qualified engineers can install and network your rental copier/printer quickly and efficiently, ensuring the device you choose is set up to your exact requirements.

We are suppliers of all the leading digital copier manufacturers, including Canon and Konica Minolta. All our devices are available for rental/lease throughout London and the UK.

We are experts in both short/ long term photocopier rental, and can be relied upon to provide you with a first class service at an unbeatable price, so to discover more about our flexible, short term photocopier rental packages, why not give us a call and our experienced staff will be happy to assist.

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