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I CAN’T GET NO SATISFACTION’ is a famous slogan which leads nicely into our subject for this article. 

Customer service. Why it matters When entering into a leasing agreement, make sure that you only enter into purchases from a reliable supplier who will give you the service you should expect, we pride ourselves on customer service.

When buying anything, be it small or large, customer satisfaction plays a key role in whether you return to spend your hard earned cash at the same retailer again.  When spending small amounts, this factor isn't quite as crucial as when a large expense is involved. 

It is therefore vitally important when selecting a supplier for your office equipment, to consider carefully what the company will offer you in respect of;

  1. General customer service during the purchase/lease agreement
  2. After sales service.

Asking a few key questions before you opt for an appropriate supplier could mean the difference between entering into an agreement that provides you with a real headache or one that gives you peace of mind and a piece of equipment that is a really good asset to your business.

Good questions to ask

1. General customer service

Does the company let you know in good time when the goods you have ordered will be delivered? Do they provide updates on delivery or service arrangements?  Do they check up on a new installation and refer you to their online services?

  • London Printer Rentals response

We, at London Printer Rentals, pride ourselves in good customer communication, informing you fully about deadlines and delivery arrangements.  For example, we know the simple step of following up sales, by asking what our customers think of their product, will show that we value them.

We also realise that customers will always remember businesses that provide good customer service.  Our comprehensive customer service plan offers the following;

'One account manager, one phone number, no goose chase.'

Many of our competitors have multiple departments, confusing switchboards, answer phones and long call back times.  However, here at London Printer Rentals we provide every customer with a dedicated blackberry-armed, account manager who can be contacted directly at any time, thus offering you the peace of mind that you need, especially when we know your business depends on it.

2. After Sales Service

Does the supplier follow up their sale/lease agreement by contacting customers after purchase to ensure they are happy?  If not, then go somewhere that does!

  • London Printer Rentals response

We recognise that following up our sales/ lease agreements will demonstrate our commitment to you.  We also know that good after sales service means that we can build our customers' loyalty and helps to generate repeat sales.  We are confident that our after sales services are second to none.  Firstly we have a Nationwide 4 hour response time. If things go wrong, we guarantee to have a highly trained technician with you within 4 hours of placing your call. There is no time wasting either, as many frustrated customers can testify to with other companies.  Our engineers are all equipped with the right know-how, tools and parts to get the job done in one, quick visit, rather than two or three, which wastes your time and costs you money.  In this way we aim build up an ongoing sales relationship with our customers and encourage them to recommend our company to others.  Good for us…and good for you!


To get the satisfaction you deserve, make sure that you only enter into purchases from a reliable supplier who will give you the service that you should expect.

  • London Printer Rentals response

We are proud to offer quality customer service. 

We give you great personalised care and attention.

If you are still unsure, then why not check out what some of our clients say.  Go to the testimonials section of our website, and see for yourself!  You will then know why we are the photocopier company that you can rely on.

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