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  • Reducing the cost of your office printing & photocopying

    It can sometimes be surprising the amount it costs to meet an entire offices printer and photocopier requirements. It is in both the interest of business and the environment to reduce the cost of your office printing & photocopying.


  • Lease a new photocopier & help fight climate change

    With so much these days focussing on the important subject of climate change, I'm sure you have asked yourself at one time or another, could I be more environmentally friendly?


  • Why lease a Konica Minolta photocopier

    With a plethora of photocopier manufacturers and models currently available on the market, some say prospective customers are spoilt for choice.


  • Best 3 value for money Konica Colour A3 Photocopiers for Lease

    Multi-functional photocopiers within today’s business environment form an essential part of any office. There has been a growing trend, in recent years, towards storing all our business correspondence and files through digital means and this is where multifunction copiers now come into their own, as they meet the ongoing need to store hard copies of sensitive and other important documentation.


  • Best 3 value for money canon colour photocopiers for lease

    It wasn't long ago that we were still heavily reliant upon the dusty old office filing cabinet, to store all of our business correspondence and files. Nowadays, most of an office's correspondence is managed through digital means, yet there is still that ongoing need to store hard copies of sensitive and other important documentation. This is where the multi-function photocopier comes into its own, making it a vitally important part of any modern, business environment.


  • Why lease a Canon photocopier

    There are many different photocopier manufacturers out there, dealing in a vast variety of models, some very expensive, some not so. Equally, some of these manufacturers are better than others. As a prospective customer you need to be certain of quality machinery and a high level of support.


  • Photocopier leasing & printer rental companies near me

    London Printer Rentals are the best photocopier leasing and printer rental company in your area and a company that you can rely on.


  • What are Managed Print Services

    We all know that the paperless society isn’t going to happen any time soon! However good we are at reducing our usage, through digitalising our documents, minimising the use of paper copies etc, we still use a vast amount of paper which is putting pressure on our fragile planet. It therefore makes sense for a company to manage its printing output whenever it can.


  • Customer service. Why it matters

    I CAN’T GET NO SATISFACTION’ is a famous slogan which leads nicely into our subject for this article. 

    Customer service. Why it matters When entering into a leasing agreement, make sure that you only enter into purchases from a reliable supplier who will give you the service you should expect, we pride ourselves on customer service.


  • Photocopier Leasing & Photocopier Rental

    Here we investigate the pros and cons of photocopier leasing and photocopier rental and present a few tips on what questions to consider asking when you are looking to lease a photocopier.


  • Why rent a Canon printer or Konica Minolta photocopier for your office?

    There’s little doubt that successfully running and maintaining any business office is hard. Whatever your situation, whether you’ve just started out or have been trading for many a year, there’s one factor you still need to be aware of, overspending. The saying 'take care of the pennies and the pounds will take care of themselves', comes to mind here, the main principle being that if you don’t squander money then you’ll reap the benefits. No more so than in business, where controlling the budget in every area is vital for success. One area where it’s very easy to overspend is in the office. The vital equipment needed to keep offices running smoothly such as photocopiers and printers don’t come cheap and need to be reliable, so you’ll need to shop around to see what’s out there to avoid costly mistakes. 

    This guide offers tips and suggestions before buying/renting your new photocopier, plus a few pointers as to which manufacturers you should look at in order for you to make an informed decision about which machine is right for you.


  • Printer hire & photocopier leasing

    Today’s modern ultra-efficient photocopiers have become mainly digital in nature, enabling the user to make reproductions more efficiently and much speedier than in the past.  Copying has never been this easy, with better quality images being produced cheaply and reliably.


  • Photocopier leasing versus rental


  • Photocopier Leasing for companies setting up an office in the UK

    Anyone who has embarked on a new business venture will know that it isn’t always as simple as it sounds.  Establishing a new office takes an enormous amount of hard work, time and financing, therefore careful planning is the key to success.

    Added to this, for international companies, intent on setting up an office within the UK, there are a vast range of other factors to be aware of, and although they are certainly not insurmountable, they can pose problems if they aren’t addressed. 

    This guide should give you the ‘heads up’ on what to do when setting up a UK office, along with some practical ideas on some other important elements like the technical equipment to make the transfer as seamless as possible.  


  • Short term photocopier rental for building & construction companies

    Construction and building companies often have the need for a printer or photocopier for onsite use. Short term printer rental is a great way for this kind of "mobile" company to get an up-to-date photocopier onsite without having to purchase it outright or having to enter into a long term lease agreement.  Short term printer rental gives construction companies the flexibility they need for their onsite document needs.


  • Short term photocopier and printer rental for events, shows & exhibitions

    Last month we looked at the advantages of short term photocopier rental for construction sites.  We learnt how renting a photocopier for the short term was far more beneficial due mainly to its flexibility and cost effectiveness.

    Similarly, it makes perfect sense for events companies to take advantage of short term printer and photocopier rental.   Whatever special event you have in mind, from exhibitions and music festivals to conferences and trade shows, event organisers will certainly have their work cut out in the smooth organisation of such events, which can certainly be tricky to manage.  Great thought needs to go into such things as advertising, catering, exhibition stands and even floor plans, so to lessen the burden in any way possible is definitely the way forward.


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