Konica C284e Konica C284e Low Volume Colour Photocopier

Low Volume Colour Photocopier

The Konica C284e is a low volume A3 colour multifunctional printer suitable for any London office. Lease a Konica C284e colour copier today with our Best Price Guarantee. The Konica C284e is an easy to choose multi-functional printer that will suit your business needs: Konica C284e with 28 ppm output colour plus black & white. It can also be equipped with either the DF-624 optional RADF for high-speed 80 opm scanning or DF-701 single-pass dual scanning for a top speed of 160 opm, to bring documents into your electronic workflow even faster. The Konica C284e has Print control built in and with Konica's exclusive Emperon® print system for immediate PCL6/PS3 emulation and native XPS functionality the C284e is a great MFP for any office. A universal print driver also lets you manage your printing using familiar commands, so even first-time users and temps will be fully productive right from the start with the Konica C284e.
Konica C284e Low Volume Colour Photocopier

Konica have updated their current range further with the release of the bizhub 'e' models, this new range features enhanced power saving and ever greater ease of use.

The Konica C284e replaces the Konica C284. This product also comes to market as the Develop ineo+ 284e.

Part Number: A5C2121

Standard System includes:
  • 28 pages per minute colour/B&W
  • 100 sheet duplex document feeder
  • 2x 500 sheet cassettes, 100 sheet manual feed
  • Cabinet
  • Duplex
  • Maximum paper weight 300gsm
  • Maximum paper size SRA3
  • Banner printing (1200mm x 297mm)
  • Copy, Print, and Scan
  • AirPrint enabled
  • Scan to FTP / SMB / WebDAV / E-mail
  • PCL6 and PostScript as standard

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Konica C284e specifications



bizhub C284e



Scanning resolution

600 dpi 600 dpi

Writing resolution

1800 dpi (equivalent) 600 dpi



Memory size

2 GB (std.), 4 GB (max.)


250 GB


Sheets, books, objects (Max. weight limit: 4-7/16 lb (2 kg))

Max. original size

11 17 (A3)

Output size

Main unit: 11 17 to 8-1/2 11, 5-1/2 8-1/2, SRA3*1, A3 to A5, 8 13*2, 16K, 8K, Postcard (4 6 (A6 Card))

Bypass tray: 11 17 to 5-1/2 8-1/2, SRA3, A3 to A5, B6 , A6 , 8 13*2, 16K, 8K, Postcard (4 6(A6 Card)), Envelope*3, Index paper, Banner paper (Width: 8-1/4 inches to 11-11/16 inches (210 mm to 297 mm), Length: 18 inches to 47-1/4 inches (457 mm to 1200 mm))*4

*1 SRA3 paper can be used in Tray 2.

*2 There are six types of foolscap: 8-1/2 13-1/2 , 220 mm 330 mm , 8-1/2 13 , 8-1/4 13 , 8-1/8 13-1/4 , and 8 13 . Any one of these sizes is selectable. For details, contact your service representative.

*3 Wrinkles or printing error may occur due to the type, storage or printing environment of envelope.

*4 Printing on banner paper can only be performed from PC.

Image chipping width

Top edge: Max. 3/16 inches (4.2 mm) or less, Bottom edge: Max. 1/8 inches (3 mm) or less, Right/left edges: Max. 1/8 inches (3 mm) or less

Paper weight

Main unit: 13-13/16 lb to 68-1/8 lb (52 g/m2 to 256 g/m2)

Bypass tray: 13-13/16 lb to 79-13/16 lb (52 g/m2 to 300 g/m2)

Warm-up time (73.4 °F (23 °C), std. voltage)

Time period from when the sub power off mode is released to when this machine is ready for printing while the Main Power Switch is in the ON state

bizhub C284e 18 sec. or less

Time period from when the Main Power Switch is turned on to when this machine is ready for printing

bizhub C284e

20 sec. or less

* Warm-up time may vary depending on the operating environment and usage.

First copy time

bizhub C284e Full color: 7.7 sec. or less, Black: 5.9 sec. or less

Copy speed (Full color/Black)

bizhub C284e

28 sheets/min. (8-1/2 11 or 7-1/4 10-1/2 (A4 or B5 ))

15 sheets/min. (8-1/2 14 (B4))

13 sheets/min. (11 17 (A3))

* The printing speed may decrease when printing in 1200 dpi 1200 dpi mode, or printing on paper other than plain paper.

Copy magnification

< Fixed same magnification >

Full size 1 : 1 +/- 0.5% or less

Enlarge size 1: 1.154/1.224/1.414/2.000

Reduced size 1: 0.866/0.816/0.707/0.500

< Preset >

3 types

< Zoom >

25% to 400% (in 0.1% increments)

< Lengthwise crosswise individual settings >

25% to 400% (in 0.1% increments)

Paper handling/paper capacity

Paper Trays (550 sheets (universal cassette) 2) (17 lb (64 g/m2))

Bypass tray 165 sheets (17 lb (64 g/m2))

Stacking capacity

250 sheets (when the optional Output Tray OT-506 is installed for bizhub C554e/C454e)

Number of continuous copies

1 to 9999 sheets

Auto duplex

Non-stack type

Paper sizes: 12-1/4 18 (A3 wide (311.1 mm 457.2 mm)), 12 18 (A3 wide (304.8 mm 457.2 mm)), 11 17 to 5-1/2 8-1/2 , 7-1/4 10-1/2, SRA3, A3 to A5, B6 , A6 , 8 13, Postcard (4 6(A6 Card))

Paper weight: 13-13/16 lb to 68-1/8 lb (52 g/m2 to 256 g/m2)

Power supply

bizhub C284e

AC 120 V, 12 A, 60 Hz (AC 220 V to 240 V, 8.0 A, 50/60 Hz)

Max. power consumption

bizhub C284e 1.5 kW (1.58 kW)

Dimensions [W] [D] [H]

bizhub C284e

24-3/16 inches (615 mm) 26-15/16 inches (685 mm) 30-11/16 inches (779 mm) (Main unit and up to the surface of Original Grass)

Space Requirements [W] [D]

bizhub C284e

36-7/8 inches (937 mm) 47-13/16 inches (1214 mm)

* This shows the dimensions when the Paper Trays are pulled out and the Tray Extension of the Bypass Tray is opened.


bizhub C284e Approx. 187-3/8 lb (85 kg)

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